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The million mile event was held in near perfect weather saturday morning. More than 100 people attended the picnic style event.At 10:00 am after the nation anthem I and a small group of riders went on a short 10 min. ride. I timed the ride to return to the parking lot with 999,999 miles showing on odometer. After some pictures and 1 lap around the parking lot I rolled 1,000,000 miles. After more pictures, congratulations, a interview with the local channel 7 news crew the rest of the day was spent enjoying a picnic under the tent. I had on display all the helmets used over 41 years. Yes for some reason I kept all 7 of them. There were 8, but one was stolen off my bike many years ago. I also had all the old license plates, the original title and sales contract. Purchase price including tax title and license was $2348.59. Several old atlas books and 3 picture boards covering 41 years of me and the Gold Wing. I am going to post my event pictures at promotorsportswausau.com when they are available from the photographer.


 Former state senator Dave Zien was not able to attend the event. He did stop over on the Friday evening before. He is the only other person I know of that put 1 million miles on a single motorcycle. I told him that of all the miles we have ridden (I met him at many rallies and other event or saw him going the other direction). I only met him once by chance at a gas stop in Wabasha Minnesota. He was at approx. 900,000 and I was at about 800,000 miles. I still regret not taking a picture that day.


 I plan on continuing to ride my 1975 Gold Wing. Is there a new Gold Wing in my future? I haven't made that decision yet.

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